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Rucksack Covers / Protectors as Recommended by Airlines.

"Proud to be Made in Nepal"

Pro-Tector Create Quality Travel Accessories Designed by a Backpacker for Backpackers.

The Business was formed for two reasons

1)After having several Good rucksacks destroyed whilst travelling, particularly when flying, and having tried other products on the market with varying degrees of disappointment, I then Designed and Tested the current range of rucksack Pro-tector bags for rucksack security, I have now spread into other Quality Travel Accessories that I found difficult to find elsewhere including travel wallets, money belts and trekking pole bags. All our goods are designed by a Backpacker for practical use, Not only by Backpackers but for Anyone Travelling. Our rucksack covers are ideal for anyone looking for a rucksack airline cover, or rucksack travel cover.

2)Because of my Love for Nepal I have All our products made and quality checked there and now that my products are starting to sell in some volume, I have been able to support Some of the less fortunate people in Nepal my contributing to "" – Unfortunately this Charity, which I have been proud to support, has had to wind its operations down – Full details on so I am currently looking for a new worthwhile and entirely legitimate cause that we can support in Nepal !!

For more information about any of our rucksack cover products, trekking pole bags, travel wallets or money belts please browse the website and If you can't find the answer to your question then please feel free to send me an email.

If you like my website and/or have made a purchase from us and would like to help by spreading the word in these financially austere times, I have now installed links to Facebook and Twitter so that you can tell All your Friends. Thanks :-)

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