The Rucksack Pro-Tector

"Have You Ever Had a Rucksack Destroyed by an Airline ?"

This was the first piece of travelling equipment that I designed, I made my first prototype in 2002 and after extensive testing went into production in Nepal in 2004 and started selling them on my web-site, Please see comments from previous Pro-Tector buyers.

This "Bag" is Made from Strong water-resistant fabric, sturdily constructed with double thick base and lower edge, integral handle and eyelets that take a draw-cord as well as a padlock to cut down on petty pilfering . It couldn’t be easier, when you arrive at the airport simply pop your Rucksack inside the "Rucksack Pro-Tector" , and check it in. Most airlines will allow you to then check your " Bag " in as "Normal luggage" saving you the hassles of having to locate the "limited liability" section. The "Rucksack Pro-Tector" will help ensure that your Rucksack reaches its destination Safe, Dry and in one piece, It also has a second function and that is it can be used as a water-resistant liner once your rucksack has arrived " safely " at its destination. The Rucksack Pro-Tector" " comes in its own little Stuff sack and comes in three sizes
We are Always trying to improve our products at Pro-Tector and have now introduced new embroidered logos on all of our Rucksack Pro-Tector’s

To view a movie of the rucksack Pro-Tector in use at the airport click the button below


"Gurkha Rucksack Pro-Tector"

"The Ghurka" Black and Red, Up to approximately 50 litres - weight Approx - 425g (15oz). Dimensions - 810mm (32 inches) in height and 1200mm (47 inches) in circumference -- £24.99

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"Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector" 

"Dura Rucksack Pro-tector" Black and Green, Approximately 50 to 80 litres -- weight - 21oz (600g). Dimensions -- 34 inches ( 865mm ) in height and 54 inches ( 1370mm ) in circumference. Price -- £27.99

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"The GlobeTrotter"

"GlobeTrotter" Black and Blue, Approximately 80 to 110 litres -- weight - 14.5oz (410g). Dimensions -- 42 inches ( 1070mm ) in height and 60 inches (1525mm ) in circumference Price -- £24.99

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The Cosmopolite Rucksack Pro-Tector

Dimensions are approximately 40 inches (1015mm) in height and 58 inches (1475mm) in circumference so are a little smaller than the standard “GlobeTrotter” sized Rucksack Pro-Tector. The main bodies of these New Cosmopolite Rucksack Pro-Tector’s are made from the same stronger water resistant material as the New Dura range so are a little heavier at 22oz (625g)but more durable, so ideal for frequent travellers and those with heavier or more awkward loads.
Price -- £28.99

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