The Rucksack Pro-Tector

"Have You Ever Had a Rucksack Destroyed by an Airline ?"

This was the first piece of travelling equipment that I designed, I made my first prototype in 2002 and after extensive testing went into production in Nepal in 2004 and started selling them on my web-site, Please see comments from previous Pro-Tector buyers.

This "Bag" is Made from Strong water-resistant fabric, sturdily constructed with double thick base and lower edge, integral handle and eyelets that take a draw-cord as well as a padlock to cut down on petty pilfering . It couldn’t be easier, when you arrive at the airport simply pop your Rucksack inside the "Rucksack Pro-Tector" , and check it in. Most airlines will allow you to then check your " Bag " in as "Normal luggage" saving you the hassles of having to locate the "limited liability" section. The "Rucksack Pro-Tector" will help ensure that your Rucksack reaches its destination Safe, Dry and in one piece, It also has a second function and that is it can be used as a water-resistant liner once your rucksack has arrived " safely " at its destination. The Rucksack Pro-Tector" " comes in its own little Stuff sack and comes in three sizes

Pro-Tector is now 10 years old and we are now on version 5 of The Rucksack Pro-Tector, each version being an improvement on its predecessor. You can track these improvements below.
Version One had the domain name screen printed on the side (Photos of this can still be seen in the clip of putting a rucksack inside a The Rucksack Pro-Tector on the homepage) and the eyelets weren’t as strong (Hence some of the early feedback where some eyelets had come loose) and the handle wasn’t as good.
Version Two was again screen printed but the handle was improved, at this stage we still hadn’t entirely resolved the eyelet problem.
Version Three was where we introduced the new, more aesthetically pleasing embroidery, again, at this stage we still hadn’t entirely resolved the eyelet problem.
Version Four, we finally resolved the eyelet problem with the introduction of the newer stamped in style eyelets.
Version Five saw the introduction of the new heaver weight range of the Dura and Cosmopolite, this came about because the normal strong lightweight material as used in the GlobeTrotter, BackPacker (Currently unavailable) and Trekker wasn’t available in Nepal (But with luck, it will be next Spring when I will return to oversee the next order)

To view a movie of the rucksack Pro-Tector in use at the airport click the button below


"The Trekker" 

"The Trekker" Black and Red,  Up to approximately 50 litres - weight Approx - 298g (10.5oz). Dimensions - 820mm (32 inches) in height and 1220mm (48 inches) in circumference Price -- £20.99

"Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector" 

"Dura BackPacker " Black and Green, Approximately 50 to 80 litres Heavier Gauge Material so slightly increased weight - 600g (21oz). Dimensions - 865mm (34 inches) in height and 1370mm (54 inches) in circumference. Price -- £26.99

"The GlobeTrotter"

"GlobeTrotter" Black and Blue, Approximately 80 to 110 litres - weight - 410g (14.5oz). Dimensions - 1070mm (42 inches) in height and 1475mm (58 inches) in circumference. Price -- £22.99

New Product

The Cosmopolite Rucksack Pro-Tector

Dimensions are approximately 1015mm (40 inches) in height and 1475mm (58 inches) in circumference so simiar to the “GlobeTrotter” sized Rucksack Pro-Tector. The Big difference being that main bodies of these New Cosmopolite Rucksack Pro-Tector’s are made from the same stronger water resistant material as the New Dura range so are a little heavier at 625g (22oz) but more durable, so ideal for frequent travellers and those with heavier or more awkward loads.
Price -- £26.99

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