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Rucksack Pro-Tector FAQs

Q ~ How do I ensure that I order the correct size Rucksack Pro-Tector to suit my Rucksack?

A ~ The Only way to be 100% sure that you are ordering the correct size Rucksack Pro-Tector to suit your rucksack is to pack your rucksack with pillows / cushions or the like and measure it and then compare the measurements with the sizes that I have promulgated on my site.

Rucksacks really vary in their design, some are tall and thin whilst others are short and fat, Some people then strap Extra items on the outside of their Rucksacks, So my sizes, although Generous are for general guidance.

Q ~ My Rucksack is considerably shorter than the nearest sized Rucksack Pro-Tector that fits the circumference, How can this best be secured?
Q ~ Are Rucksack Pro-Tectors Waterproof?
Q ~ Are Rucksack Pro-Tectors available anywhere else other than on the Internet?
Q ~ Is the Rucksack Pro-Tector lockable?
Q ~ Is the Rucksack Pro-Tector fitted with zips?
Q ~ Does The Rucksack Pro-Tector have a shoulder strap?
Q – Does the Rucksack Pro-Tector come with a stuff-sack or pouch and if so what size does in compress down to
Q – How do I use the Rucksack Pro-Tector in its second function as a water resistant liner for my rucksack.

These images (above) are demonstrating how to use a Rucksack Pro-Tector with a Rucksack which is much shorter than the Rucksack

Alternative suggestion for securing Rucksack Pro-Tector’s using reusable cable-ties.

Alternative suggestion for securing Rucksack Pro-Tector’s using a Carabina.

Waterproof rucksack liner
Illustrating how to use the Rucksack Pro-Tector in its secondary function as a water resistant liner onside your rucksack.

Pro-Tector Wallet

Q ~ Why do you not make the Pro-Tector Wallet a little smaller?

A ~ The reason that the Pro-Tector Wallet is this size is that it will comfortably hold a standard (E.U.) passport. This is a deliberate design feature.

The Pro-Tector Travel Pouch

Do things kept inside The Pro-Tector Travel Pouch remain dry or does perspiration migrate through.

A ~ Although Pro-Tector Travel Pouches are manufactured using strong waterproof material; I do not sell them as waterproof. i.e. the zips are not waterproof. However perspiration rarely migrates through into the inside of the pouch because it has a double layer at the rear, which also forms an additional outside pocket.

Also the Pro-Tector Travel Pouch is Designed specifically to be either worn over or under your clothing, Its flat construction means that you can comfortably sleep whilst wearing it (when you are staying in dormitory accommodation) and as it is flat it hardly shows under your clothing. OR If you prefer you can wear it above your clothing and All your travel essentials are easily to hand. The Strong webbing waist-band will take a camera pouch, this enabling you to keep your hands free.

I tend to wear my own above my clothes in the daytime as I have a digital camera hung on one side and a 35mm compact hung on the other side, then in the evening I wear it next to my skin, so all my valuables are out of site and hopefully out of any rouges mind !!


Q ~ I am in heading off on my trip soon and need my Rucksack Pro-Tector(s) in a hurry, How long does it take between sending in an order and you dispatching it.

A ~ I usually dispatch orders on the same day as I receive them as long as I receive the order before mid-day on a weekday, I also often dispatch on Saturday mornings. Please read my testimonials page and Pro-Tector Facebook page where the speed of delivery is often commented on.

Alternative uses for Rucksack Pro-Tector’s

Over the years I have received a lot of good feedback from my customers and this includes feedback and photos from member of the Paragliding community informing us that Rucksack Pro-Tector’s make an ideal transport and storage bag for Paragliders – Hence the introduction of the New Jumbo Rucksack Pro-Tector’s (Both normal and heavyweight versions available)

Alternative use for a Pro-Tector
Alternative use for a Pro-Tector


Q ~ If I order the wrong size Rucksack Pro-Tector can I exchange it for a different sized one?

A ~ Yes, What I usually suggest here is that you return your original order to us and as soon as I receive it (In original condition) I will dispatch you your replacement. The only thing I request is the cost of the postage.

However if you are tight on time and need the replacement in a hurry then another option that I offer is that if you buy the replacement size you need from my on-line shop page, I will then dispatch this and as soon as I receive your order and then as soon as I receive your returned Rucksack Pro-Tector (In original condition) I will issue you your refund (less the postage costs as mentioned above)

If you have any questions or would like to buy a pro-tector via mail order please contact us by email

  • 07517 541829


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