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Jumbo Heavyweight Rucksack Pro-Tector Testimonials

Jumbo Heavyweight with Paraglider safely inside in Bulgaria.
Photo kindly sent by Tim Wren. Ipswich. UK

Hello Rob,
Got back from my trip yesterday. The heavyweight jumbo rucksack protector was absolutely superb. Great quality, very robust and did it's job brilliantly. Not a mark on my new paraglider rucksack and all contents safely protected! Can't thank you enough for the outstanding service in getting the protector cover to me within 48 hours so I could get my flight. Cheers and thanks once again.

Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector Testimonials

Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector in Antarctica
Photo kindly sent in by Shellie

Photo kindly sent in by Shellie, an American customer who purchased a Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector for her husband to protect his rucksack on his journey to and from his recent deployment at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Waiting to fly home from Hanoi
Kindly sent in by Roger, Greater London. UK

Hello Rob
When my daughter was planning to head off to Mongolia on a school trek, back in 2015, I treated her to one of your rucksack Pro-Tectors. In the following four years she has been fortunate enough to have seen a large part of South and Central America. The Pro-Tector has been with her every step of the way and continues to be an absolute essential. As a family, we travelled around the Far East recently and whilst the odd mishap befell our suitcases the Pro-Tector saw off all challenges. Waiting to fly home from Hanoi, the attached photo shows how my investment in quality kit continues to be well rewarded.
Thank you.

Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector 150 miles northwest of Manaus on The Amazon.
Kindly sent in by Chris Fuge, Woking, Surrey. UK

Hi Rob
I put the rucksack cover to the test in the deepest Amazon, and it did the job stupendously - chucked in the bottom of a boat, my rucksack was kept dry and protected on a 400 mile round trip, so thanks!
Attached are a couple of photos taken 150 miles northwest of Manaus.
All the best,

Photo of a Beautifully Customised Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector with flags from 25 countries visited in 6 months, kindly sent in by a happy European customer

Hi Rob!
I would like to say thank you for your bag! I love it! Please find attached the photo :)
Best Regards,

Photo above and one opposite are from a School Group with 8 Rucksack Pro-Tector’s (5 x Dura and 3 x GlobeTrotter) on a trip from Aberdeen to India
Kindly sent in by Dan Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector top of South India's second highest peak Meesapulimala, 2,640 m

Hi Rob,
The Pro-Tector bags worked great, all rucksacks arrived safely and undamaged. Just at Kochi airport waiting to fly home - added advantage is the Pro-Tector has given me extra space for souvenirs etc!
Final photo - took the bag on our trek so we could get a photo for you at the top of South India's second highest peak - Meesapulimalai. Unfortunately we were in the cloud so it just looks like a Scottish peak! Screen shot of the long/lat for you and one further pic so you have a sense of what the views are without cloud!

2 x Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector’s

“Perfect covers for our trip to the Alps”

Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your help and exemplary service in getting the Dura Pro-Tector to us today. Super fast service so congrats to you and Royal Mail.
The product looks ideal and so much better than any other we have seen on the market. I especially like the large reinforced eyelets for the draw string which will make it easy to secure with a padlock or tie-wrap. Simple but effective design.
We found you be searching ‘Rucksack Security Cover’ on Google and you come up 2nd after Amazon. You might want to consider selling on Amazon as well so you get the other part of the market you may be missing. When we search ‘Rucksack Flight Cover’ you come up 4th so you may want to look at adding ‘Flight Cover’ to your description so google picks it up earlier.
The other selling advantage you have is the express service. Many of us think of a cover last in our preparations so this is really helpful.
Again - thanks for your service on this it really got us out of a hole.

Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector

Hi Rob,
I'm writing to give feedback on the Dura Rucksack Pro-Tector. I used it to enclose my Deuter bag pack which is a 45+10L sized one. The Pro-Tector I purchase was more than large enough to totally cover my bag pack which was really big after packing. I'm pleased to say it carried the weight well and protected my bag pack totally. I used a regular TSA numbered lock as I didn't have a cycle lock, and it still worked really well. I'm looking forward to use this on many more travels. I don't have pictures of it in action as I was always on the go. I hope sales have been alright for you though.
Kind Regards,

Trekker Rucksack Pro-Tector Testimonials

“Trekker” Rucksack Pro-Tector on the Routeburn track, New Zealand kindly sent in by David.

Hello Rob.
Just got back from the Routeburn track having flown domestically into Queenstown, New Zealand. The sacks proved to be lightweight, robust and compact. Just placed the bag on top of pack and flipped the whole thing over, tightened the cord and I was away. Plus I had enough room for a few extras like poles etc. Great bags and an investment if you want to protect your expensive kit.
Many thanks

“Trekker” Rucksack Pro-Tector on the beach kindly sent in by Sandra Grmek, Sezana, Slovenia.

Hi Rob,
I'm back from my holiday.
Here's some feedback: the bags are light, they don't take much space when you're not using them, plus they come with a small bag for storage. They protected the luggage not only at the airport (no torn backpacks) but also on buses and in jeeps (no dust). The smaller one was useful when we had to pack for a two-day safari (leaving the rest of the luggage at the hotel) and when 'hiding' valuable items from 'curious eyes' on the beach. The only 'downside' is the string, it could be stronger for larger Pro-tectors.
Attached are some photos, they're not very good. I didn't have my camera at hand in 'crucial' moments or I was busy with my baggage.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Trekker and BackPacker Rucksack Pro-Tector’s back in Blighty after 9 flights. By Sarah. UK

BackPacker Rucksack Pro-Tector back in Singapore and still in good shape. By Sarah. UK

Checking in "BackPacker" at Singapore for last flight home after 4 weeks travelling By Sarah. UK

Dear Rob
I know it's a long time ago that we bought your Rucksack Protectors and I think I previous promised to send you any photos we had of using them. It's taken me until now to get them sorted.I can only say that we have used them for 2 x 4 week travelling holidays and a few smaller ones and they really are fantastic. The key thing is that they keep all the straps and buckles out of the way, but they also stop baggage handlers from picking up our rucksacks using the wrong 'handles' / flaps. I'm sure they also deter/stop people from opening any side pockets and not only that, on our way home last time, I even packed my sandals and shorts in the bag under a rucksack strap without having to fit them in my rucksack at the last minute.
2009 we went to Malaysia - LHR to KL then to Tiamon Island back to KL, on to Kuching, then KK and Sandakan, back to Kota Kinabalu. Home via KL (that was 9 flights in total)
2010 - Cambodia and Laos - LHR to Singapore, on to Siem Reap then to Luang Prabang, from Vientiane to Phom Penh, from Siem reap back to Singapore and then home (6 flights)
They've proven to be very sturdy covers- we have packs that typically weight about 14 - 18 Kg each. We've had compliments about them (so we mentioned your name!). All in all we can't fault them and I'd not want to travel without one again!
So many, many thanks, just sorry it's taken so long to get back to you!

Trekker Rucksack Pro-Tector in Nepal being carried by porter on the 'Three Passes Trek' in March/April 2012
Bhante Rahula "The Trekking Monk"

Hi Rob,
I bought a small size protector bag from you last August or so. I am also known as, the trekking monk' on the Thorn Tree Forum, Asian Subcontinent.
Here is a photo which shows the bag in action in another way, used as a duffle bag carried by a porter. This is from my recent 'Three Passes Trek' in March/April.
I read on the Thorn Tree that you had also been on a trek in the Khumbu in March. I trust it was pleasant, but often cold and snowy at that time.
If you care to use the photo feel free.

Trekker Rucksack Pro-Tector at Bora Bora airport luggage claim By Sebastian Lütke-Kappenberg Germany

Trekker Pro-Tected Rucksack safely arriving at Bora Bora airport
By Sebastian Lütke-Kappenberg Germany

Hi Rob,
Just finished out 4 week honeymoon around the world with two Pro-Tector’s.
All went well with this great product and I will order another one soon.

Three Trekker Rucksack Pro-Tector’s on El Camino
Kindly sent in by Anne, Prince George, British Columbia. Canada

Dear Rob,
In February I purchased 6 of your pro-tectors as we , 5 ladies ,were planning on travelling from Canada to Spain to walk the El Camino de Santiago from Leon to Santiago.
I thought I would send you photos of 3 out of the 6 in action. The others aren't in the picture because one was used by a husband who didn't walk with us but still needed a travel bag, one forgot to take it , which she regretted, and was looking for tape to wrap her pack with before putting it on an airline, and mine because the pack I decided to take was too big for the size of bag I ordered. I did however with my husband's help make a similar bag copying your idea!

Globetrotter Rucksack Pro-Tector Testimonials

GlobeTrotter Rucksack Pro-Tector in use at Harstad/Narvik airport after it's journey from Gatwick.
Kate, Greater London. UK

Hi Rob,
I've just come back from a hiking trip to Sweden where I used my new GlobeTrotter Pro-Tector to make sure my pack didn't get damaged. It went on 4 planes, and a few bus journeys and the Pro-Tector still looks brand new, and most importantly kept my rucksack undamaged.
I bought the GlobeTrotter size for my 65 litre rucksack as it's quite a tall pack and I wasn't sure if it would fit in the smaller size. There's plenty of room in there for my pack and other bulky items like a sleeping mat and tent, and it was easy to secure the extra fabric for transport.
Here's a photo of it in use at Harstad/Narvik airport after it's journey from Gatwick.

GlobeTrotter Rucksack Pro-Tector being loaded for the flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara Nepal, March 2015.
David Wolverhampton, UK

Dear Sir,
I have used my “GlobeTrotter" size Rucksack Pro-Tector several times now for trips to India, Nepal etc to protect my large paraglider bag.
I am very pleased with the product and have recommended it to other people and will continue to, I like the fact that they’re are made in Nepal and the local people are benefiting.
My only gripe is it “ONLY JUST” fits my paraglider bag and can be a struggle to get it on. Once on you get a nice neat tight bag. This means I only use it for the long haul airline flights and not regularly for taxis up the hill – which would protect it from dust/grim etc. A small increase in the width/girth (a few inches increase in circumference) would fix this and I would get more use out it, and buy more.

Hi Rob
this is my second bag from you :-)
i am a very happy customer ....
i herd about your product in cross country paragliding magazine some years back
and i have bee using a globetrotter bag since for my paraglider bag travels ....
mine this year has been damaged a couple times BUT never have my paragliding gear got damaged
SO MANY MANY THANKS so a great product .. :-)
it has made my air travel much easier .. with no issues with rucksack straps hanging out , no issues with airlines asking what is in the bag ..
"well you haven't paid your extra fee" BLAH BLAH .... :-)
and also to support a small business who is supporting its workers .. thanks

Backpacker Rucksack Pro-Tector Testimonials

Backpacker arrival in Somalia / Somaliland
Peter Z, Copenhagen, Denmark

Backpacker arrival in Somalia / Somaliland
Peter Z, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Rob,

As promised, here are a few photos from my Backpackers arrival in Somalia / Somaliland.

All the best,

Karen with two Backpacker sized Rucksack Pro-Tector's in Kathmandu
Don and Karen USA

My husband and I purchased our rucksack covers 3 years ago. Wow,has it been that long? In the past 3 years those covers have been on a trek in Nepal, to India, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, Thailand, Indonesia. Some countries more than once. Including a trip up the Mekong where the packs were in a huge pile in the front of the boat, a bus where they were stacked on the roof. We are headed out again in a few weeks, those rucksack covers are ready to go once again. They have held up extremely well. Order yours now and let the adventures begin!

Two BackPacker Rucksack Pro- Tector’s in The Bahamas
Steve, Scotland

Hi Rob,
We have used the pro-tector bags on our recent holiday to North Andros, Bahamas. The bags have been great and robust throughout the air travels to and from North Andros. I used a small carabina on each bag fed through the eyelets to secure the bags along with a reusable cable tie. I also put a toggle on the cord so that it could be pulled tight. The three methods of securing the opening to the bag have worked well and we are of the opinion that it is pointless putting a padlock on the bag, as it is easy to slash the bag. We only use securing systems that can be opened by security staff if required and reused after examination. I will attach one photo with this e-mail and a few more thereafter of the bags in North Andros and the method of sealing them.
Best regards and keep in contact.

Trekker and BackPacker Rucksack Pro-Tector’s inside our Hotel in Saigon.
Sebastian Munster, Germany

Trekker and BackPacker Rucksack Pro-Tector at Hanoi, heading for Home
Sebastian Munster, Germany

Trekker and BackPacker Rucksack Pro-Tector at Hanoi, heading for Home
Sebastian Munster, Germany

Dear Rob,
Here are pictures from our trip in Vietnam with the Pro-Tector. It was very helpful and very durable.
Great product!

2 BackPacker and 2 Trekker Rucksack Pro-Tector’s at Pisa Airport by Andy, Tyne and Wear. UK

Hi Rob,
A bit delayed, but here's a photo of your excellent product in use at Pisa airport. We were very impressed & and they worked superbly well. They came back to the UK 'as new'. I will certainly be recommending these to all my friends.
Thanks very much.

Hi Rob
I've just ordered another "Backpacker"! The one I bought last time was for my dive bag, this one is for a "soft" travel bag/case.
The one I have works really well, I was going to take a photo at Dubai Airport but got a warning from security about photo's!!!!!!! Never mind I'll try somewhere else! Were off to The Maldives March so I'll try there!
The one I have has a couple of "war" wounds (cuts) in it, just proves how well our luggage is looked after by the airlines (British Airways)!!!!!!
Thanks again,

Travel Wallet Testimonials

Great New Idea for an alternative use for the “Pro-Tector Wallet” from Andrew Cumbria UK

Hi Rob
Here's a picture of the kit I carry in the Pro-Tector wallet. Mobile Internet access point, 2 battery rechargers and various leads and adapters. I don't usual walk with this lot but the wallet is the best bit of kit I have found for this job. Keeps every thing together in the car, tent, landrover or even the living room come to think of it. Ace bit of kit.

Pro-Tector Trave Wallet

Hello Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that the green Pro-tector wallet did arrive okay, safe and sound.
Apologies for this late acknowledgement.
The wallet is terrific and in daily use. I'll let you know how I get on using it.
I've a few friends who I think would be interested too.
I can't say I'm an intrepid traveller like yourself, or indeed others in my family; My late-brother hitch-hiked to India in the 1960's and both my sisters have spent time variously in Borneo or East and West Africa with one braving a crossing of the Sahara.
Whilst I've travelled around the continent a bit, I'm very happy pottering about in East Anglia and the good-old British Isles!
The real test for me-and-my-new-wallet will be when I next travel in/around London, particularly on the underground!
How did I find out about Pro-tector?
Ordinarily when out-and-about I'd have visited a few outdoor shops, but this time, I thought I'd look on the computer to see what non-leather wallets were available. I looked on the Vegan society site but their wallets are a bit small and out of stock.
I can't remember the exact wording I 'googled' something along the lines of 'strong and robust fabric travel wallet'.
(I've just done it again)..... and on the eighth page of web-sites listed, there's a 'Pro-tector testimonials' link ...So I think that's how I originally found your products.
Many thanks again.
Yours sincerely,

Pro-Tector Trave Wallet

Hi Rob
I received the wallet a couple of weeks ago, and am very happy with its size and quality.
I was originally referred to your website from a recommendation on one of the trekking forums.
When my rucsac cover requires replacement, I will certainly consider one of your pro-tector rucsac covers.
Best wishes,

Pro-Tector Trave Wallet

Dear Rob,
The Pro-Tector Wallet is a fantastic inclusion into my travel kit. It is a great size, functions well and holds an impressive range of notes, cards, travel essentials etc.
I appreciate your generosity.
I'm just back home and back to work and as you know it is difficult settling back in after such an amazing trip.
Best regards

Pro-Tector Trave Wallet

Thank you for the Wallet just want I wanted, and to be honest couldnt find one as good as yours any where else.

I had one before made by Design GO, with the Belt chain, but they do not market this type any more.

Felt safe where ever I went, money credit and debit cards all attached to me, but easy to use when taken out of the pocket. 

Comes in handy also for protecting your pin Nos at ATM or Checkouts from hidden cameras.

All the Best

Travel Pouch Testimonials

Pro-Tector Travel Pouch
Konrad Nofer, Worcestershire, UK. 12th May 2015

I’ve been using one of these pouches for several months. This ‘Electric Green’ Pro-Tector Travel Pouch is now a regular feature for travels abroad (to Spain once a month) and regular hiking. The wide waist band plus wings ensure a comfortable fit either over or under a fleece/pullover. The number of pockets and zips provide sensible separation and accessibility of items such as passport, tickets, money, phone, small camera, keys with enough space left for a couple of energy bars/sweets. In summary, this pouch has shown to be a well-made, extremely versatile and useful addition to my, and anyone else’s, armoury.

Pro-Tector Travel Pouch

The Pro-tector travel pouch is a good design too; very useful for keeping documents, money and cards together and safe while going through the airport and on a day to day basis on the trip. Handy from a trekking point of view too - to store the wads of rupees one needs and to keep the TIMS card, park permits and passport handy for check points. I like to keep the various receipts and tickets as souvenirs and you get quite a few in Nepal from the numerous temples and other sights.
Good kit all round - thanks

Trekking Pole Testimonials

Pro-Tector Trekking Pole

HI Rob
just got back from PNG and used the Rucksack Pro-Tector and the Trekking Pole Pro-Tector they did really well on the trip on the plane, and 5 hours in the back of the truck!
I found your website through the lonely planet. and intend on using them again as well as all the great info you provide on trekking Nepal when I head off next year.

If you have any questions or would like to buy a pro-tector via mail order please contact us by email

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