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Company Policies

It is the sincere aim of Pro-Tector GB for all our customers to have an efficient and satisfactory experience when ordering goods from our website.

Below I have set out our “Terms and Conditions” as well as our aims when using this website.


Online payments are made using PayPal, This is a safe efficient way of making payments and is available in an ever increasing number of countries. It also accepts most world currencies and has safeguards built in to protect the buyer so you can use it with confidence. For more information visit

However if for some reason you do not wish to use PayPal, we also provide mail order, Please Note ~ This is a slower process but we include it so as to try and meet everyones buying requirements.

Postage and Packing
Our Aim

If you have any questions or would like to buy a pro-tector via mail order please contact us by email

  • 07517 541829


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