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“Rucksack Covers / Protectors as Recommended by Airlines”

Pro-Tector bags come in 4 sizes which have over the years morphed into 13 versions – I have produced the chart below so that customers can easily see which Rucksack Pro-Tector comes with what feature.

pro-tector product information chart

Our lightweight range, The Trekker-Lite, BackPacker Ultra-Lite, GlobeTrotter-Lite and Jumbo-Lite versions are specially designed for customers who’s loads are weight critical. This can be particularly important when using the “Bag” in its secondary function as a water-resistant liner for your rucksack when trekking. This range is made from a lightweight, strong but highly water resistant fabric.

Our heavyweight range, The Trekker-Plus, Ghurkha, Ghurkha Twin-Skin, BackPacker, Dura, Dura-Plus, Cosmopolite Jumbo Heavyweight and Jumbo Twin-Skin are designed for the more frequent traveller where weight isn’t as critical. This range is made from a heavier weight, durable strong, highly water resistant fabric.

The Ghurkha Twin-Skin is our latest product and as the name suggest, are a twin-skinned version so a little heavier but offering twice the Pro-Tection.

After suggestions from customers, The Ghurkha, Ghurkha Twin-Skin, Dura-Lite, Dura-Plus and Jumbo Heavyweight  are fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap.

All our “Bags” are sturdily constructed with double thick base and lower edge (Now triple tick on the twin-Skinned versions), integral handle and eyelets that take a draw-cord. A padlock can easily be fitted to the draw-cord for added security.

New Jumbo Heavyweight

When arriving at the airport simply drop your rucksack into the Pro-Tector bag. Most airlines will allow you to then check-in your rucksack as “Normal luggage” which cuts out having to locate the “limited liability” section.

Heavyweight Rucksack Pro-Tector’s have been tested to carry 20Kg with lightweight ones to 15Kg
Our Pro-Tector bags help ensure that your rucksack arrives at your destination safely, dry and in most importantly – in one piece.

Our Pro-Tector bags have a second function as a water-resistant liner for your rucksack.

View our "how to use a Rucksack Pro-Tector" video ..
Packing a Paraglider into a Pro-Tector
Heavyweight Rucksack Pro-Tector’s have been tested to carry 20Kg and Normal weight ones to 15Kg

"Pro-Tector Travel Pouch"

When you undo the double zipper on the main compartment the concertina type design opens up to reveal 3 internal zipped pockets, one for loose change, one for credit cards and one for currency notes. There are 3 additional pockets for Passport, Air tickets, Insurance documents and any other valuable papers that you might wish to carry. Also, lying unobtrusively along the bottom is a Long elasticised key fob, complete with key-ring, This enables you to both store your keys Safely and yet still use them without the hassle of having to remove them.

Designed specifically to be Either worn over or under your clothing, Its flat construction means that you can comfortably sleep whilst wearing it OR If you prefer you can wear it above your clothing and All your travel essentials are easily to hand. The Strong webbing waist-band will take a camera pouch, this enabling you to keep your hands free.


Measuring 270mm (10.5 inches) in length and 170mm (6.75 inches) in height by 6mm (0.25 inch) in depth (empty) With a waistband that extends up to 1145 mm (45 inches) in circumference, Yet only weighing Approx 200g (7 oz)

Available in four colours, “Bright” fuchsia, “Electric” Green, Blue and Pink from our online Shop.

The Trekking Pole Pro-Tector

Designed specifically to make transportation most 3 section trekking pole(s) simple and convenient

The Trekking Pole Pro-Tector is made from a strong water resistant fabric, With 3 or 6 reinforced compartments for the separate component parts of a 3 section trekking pole, there is also a small compartment for accessories such as baskets or cups.

Available in two sizes, Single Pole (Red) and Twin Poles (Blue) from our Online Shop


Dimensions - Single Pole version:
Length 590mm (23 inches) Circumference 230mm (9 inches)
Weight Approx 55g (2oz) 

Dimensions - Twin Pole version:
Length 660mm (26 inches) Circumference 360mm (14 inches) 
Weight Approx 110g (4oz)

The Pro-Tector Wallet

Specifically designed to make you aware When and If someone is trying to Rob you !! -- The "Pro-Tector Wallet" has a strong nylon lanyard incorporated into its design so that you can either fasten to a convenient button, put around a belt or attached to another handy part of your clothing.

The "Pro-Tector Wallet" is made from a Strong Water-resistant fabric and has two large pockets for currency notes that are also large enough to for your passport, a zip pocket for your loose change and four pockets for credit cards as well as an extra pocket to store the lanyard in when not in use.


Dimensions-160mm (6.5 inches) in height and 120mm (4.75 inches) in length and 6mm (0.25 inch) in depth with a weight Approx 85g (3oz) when empty.

Available in Blue, Pink, Green and Grey from our online Shop.

If you have any questions or would like to buy a pro-tector via mail order please contact us by email

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